It's time to fulfill your child's dreams and ambitions to excel in academia and motivating them from hobbyist to pro level. PortoCafe PLX Pro Edition is a humble and apt start to give the blessings of knowledge empowerment that every child deserves to seek.


The kit includes the following items:


1. PLX Mini Computer

2. Wireless Mouse + Keyboard

3. Charger

4. Cables

5. SCODEL's Selective Content which comprises Fuzzie Gauge and JobFayr programs

6. At The Tech's Micro Videos 

7. Performance Coach Anuradha Chawla's Motivational Micro Videos

8. The C(++) within us coauthored by Devang Kharbanda and Karamvir Singh Rajpal  (Book)

9. Life Lessons by Anuradha Chawla (Book)

10. Making UI A Utopian Thought authored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal

11. JauntBee Movie

12. Mobile Apps 

13. Merchandise items

14. Agrotech Ready Inbuilt Solutions



Technical Specifications of PLX Mini Computer are as following:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Secondary Storage
  • 64 Bit Quad Core CPU
  • Linux OS


Please Note: The MRP mentioned above doesn't include GST

PortoCafe PLX Pro Edition

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