Get decadent. A rich, intense twist gives a dark edge to your favorite scents. Smooth on the lotion, then finish with Mist for a longer-lasting fragrance experience.

  • Pure Seduction Noir: Fruity. Black plum. Sugared musk. Pure Seduction gets decadent.
  • Amber Romance Noir: Warm. Golden amber. Rich pomegranate. Amber Romance gets decadent.
  • Coconut Passion Noir: Warm. Caramel coconut. Night orchid. Coconut Passion gets decadent.
  • Bare Vanilla Noir: Fruity Warm. Creamy vanilla. Warm pear. Bare Vanilla gets decadent.
  • Love Spell Noir: Fruity Warm. Lush peach. Deep sandalwood. Love Spell gets decadent.
  • Velvet Petals Noir: Fruity Warm. Tempting berry. Dark blooms. Velvet Petals gets decadent.
  • 236 ml/8 fl oz

Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals Noir

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