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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Policy

We store our products in our Warehouse situated at Mohali in the State of Punjab. We take utmost care in shipping your products to your mentioned address in the finest condition and ensure speedy delivery. Your delivery packet might contain Discount coupons for being our 1st-time Customers or Loyal Customers. and during the festive season, your product will always be accompanied by the nicest gift.

How we process the orders

  1. Orders received till 12.00 PM will be dispatched the same day.

  2. Orders received after 12.00 PM will be dispatched the next day.

  3. Products are packed with care to avoid any dust or water during rainy seasons.

  4. We use our contracted courier agencies for all cities and towns and for villages we use Indian Post offices.

  5. Delivery charges are mentioned for each product and appear in the cart at the time of payment. Delivery within the city is free of cost.

  6. Products are always accompanied by Invoices as per the Indian tax laws.

  7. Delivery within the city is on the same day. Delivery in all metros is in 2 to 3 days. Delivery in all major cities in 6 to 7 days. Delivery in villages is in 9 to 10 days

  8. International speed delivery will take 5 to 7 additional days, and charges are extra and appear in the cart at the time of payment.

  9. Gift packs are packed with the personal touch and nicest packing is used and charges are extra and appear in cart at the time of payment.

  10. Tracking of packets can be done on our site and with a link to the courier company site.

  11. Payment on delivery will be collected by the courier company at the time of delivery.

  12. If you find the packet is received in tampered condition and you refuse to receive it, we request you to inform the same complaint cell and we either dispatch it again or you can apply for a refund and the company will process your request within 3 days.

Refund & Exchange Policy


We wish to maintain warm and long-term relations with our customers by giving them the best quality products at unbelievable price, but in case of wrong delivery, mismatch of color /size any customer must return the material, we have made the Refund policy best suited to customers.

How we process Returns & Exchange

1. On cancellation of the order, before dispatch refund, is processed within 3 working days.

2. On cancellation of the order, after the dispatch the refund is processed within 7 working days.

3. On receipt of products, by the customer if the product color/size mismatches and material is found defective or not as mentioned in catalog the return will be processed after the dispatch of product. The product can also be exchanged the customer is supposed to dispatch within 7 days of receipt. The courier company will collect the return packet at the company cost. The difference in price due to change in size will be borne by the customer, however, if the company reduces the price of the item purchased by the customer, the difference will be credited to the customer.

4. Undergarments and lingerie cannot be returned/exchanged, due to hygienic reasons and No refund will be made in the purchase of these products. For the convenience of selecting the size, we request our customers to look at the Blog, Videos on selecting the right design according to your body fit, and size chart.

5. Refund for Debit/ Credit card will be made in Debit/ credit card. Cash payment on delivery refund will be made in the bank account.

6. For any disputes, you can lodge your request to the complaint cell and the same will be attended to within 24 working hours.


We are providing replies to frequently asked questions for the benefit of customers. We keep on adding the queries raised by our customers combining similar queries with a common answer, however, if you have any specific query, you can always refer to our complaint cell at the same will be replied within 24 working hours.



1. What is the platform all about?

Ans. It is a multi-concept platform that caters to every class of audiences ranging from standard to premium.

2. Where is the company located?

Ans. The company is hosting its operations in OMO mode.

3. How the range of international brands is shipped?

Ans. The international brands are directly shipped on order from the US.

4. What are the ensuring criteria of ensuring the credibility of the listed products is genuine?

Ans. The company makes sure that these brands are shipped to you from the US and with an original tag of the brand. We mention the original tag as one of the pictures in Catalogue.

5. How can reseller associate with Da V Store?

Ans. There will be soon a Subscription form be made available. All the registration details and the Terms and conditions will be mentioned in the form.

6. How many Resellers are currently onboard with Da V Store?

Ans. Currently, the number of Resellers is being added with us and we shall announce in a month.

7. Do this platform also sells the product in bulk?

Ans. No

6. Whether all the brands are international or local brands being sold?

Ans. We sell both, but local brands are more in number than International brands 

7. How long is the company in the market?

Ans. We are the fresh entrant in the ecosystem of OMO Marketplace. 

8. How does Da V Store benefit new resellers?

Ans. It is being worked out, and some official announcements will be known by  December 2021.

9. Where to contact the site promoters in case of need?

Ans. All the promoters, developers, and an entire team are from Mohali, and Chandigarh and can be contacted during working hours.

10. Can the resellers store their product with us for dispatch to customers?

Ans. Yes, we have a large storage facility in Mohali. The goods are stored on the behalf of resellers and dispatches are made only on customers' orders. The terms and conditions for such facility are mentioned in Resellers Account.

11. Do the company refund in case the item price is dropped in the future?

Ans. There is no refund when the price decreases in case of a sale, otherwise the company guarantees the Refund in case the company reduces the price of the same item in the next 15 days








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